2. Self realization


  • A method born from experience to gift experiences;
  • A method born from firsthand knowledge;
  • It responds to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of participants;
  • A method of garnering greater self-awareness that brings healing;
  • The horse functions as a mirror of the soul and stands as a synonym for life;

Healing Horses energy work with horses strongly releases transforming and healing energies for participants.


Why do horses have a healing effect?

  • Because the demand we be consistent;
  • They let us experience the fullness of the present;
  • We get in touch with our true selves and learn how to protect our own space;
  • Because they accept us as we are;
  • Because they help us recognize that our emotions are messages;
  • and they help us recognize our strengths and abilities;

Who is this course for?

  • ​For anyone who would like to undertake a journey of self-awareness;
  • A journey of healing;
  • A journey of self-knowledge;
  • For private individuals;
  • For horse lovers;
  • For riders of every discipline;


Do I have to know how to ride?

  • ​​No, you don’t have to know how to ride and course takes place only in the grounds;
  • ​​However, you do need to have an interest in horses;

1. Step:
Being rooted and anchored in life


  • Existence. Live the life you have always wanted to live;
  • Existential fears - why we have them and ways to overcome fear;
  • Firmly rooting ourselves in this world and being the master of our own life;
  • Forming our own lives;
  • Living consciously in the Here and Now
  • Setting limits to protect ourselves;


Only by being firmly rooted in the present can we really live the life we have always dreamed of, or master difficult situations. This method of formation teaches people to become anchored within their own lives, to create their individual space and learn to protect this. Only if delineate our individual space and learn to protect it will we be able to live in harmony with the world around us.

"A return to Nature"

In the first seminar we focus on our “return to Nature”. It is about getting the most out of what life has to offer. We are surrounded by an abundance of goodness which Nature and life have to offer us. However, today in an increasingly self-centered and inward looking society, we often fail to see this wealth at our disposal.

Nature is generous in her gifts, but we are often locked inside our own concerns and fail to see them. We are part of nature and we should respect it.
The theory lessons and exercises with and without the horse are about re-establishing a harmonious relationship with Nature and recognizing our place in the world around us.

2. Step:
Creativity, desires and feelings


The second level focuses on the following points with the help of horses.

  • Recognizing, appreciating and realizing our desires and needs;
  • Recognizing our deepest desires and giving them space, visualizing the path to our goals;
  • Awakening and living our own individual talents and abilities that we have been unconsciously holding in check;
  • Accepting our feelings and emotions and recognizing their place. Our emotions contain hidden messages, they can help us in becoming more self-aware;
  • Going with the flow of life. Creating the circumstances in life according to our desires and ideas;


Our emotions are hidden messages, they can help us in becoming more self-aware.

Often, however, we fail to access our emotions and are cut off from them, or bury them in the depths of the soul. Horses help us to become aware of our emotions, because they put us in contact with feelings we were unaware of on a conscious level.
Giving space to their own desires, means being able to understand our talents and abilities that want to be brought to the surface. If we allow ourselves to be overcome by life’s circumstances, we often our sense of self-worth giving rise to frustration.
This can also lead to illness.

3. Step:
Vitality, force, individual power


  • Realizing our individual strengths;
  • Everyone has the power to make decisions. I can decide who and what I will allow into my individual energy space;
  • Congruence: our actions must be in line with our thoughts, desires and feelings. It is not enough to know what we want for our future, we also need to be able to apply the "right energy " in everyday life. From visualization to action;
  • Recognizing what blocks our inner-energy and overcoming these barriers. Only when we are conscious of these barriers can we transform them;
  • Transforming our weakness into our strength;


In the third step we work the correct energy around our desires and set about making them reality.
It is a matter harnessing the clear and positive energy we have and combining this with perseverance and consistency in our everyday life. Here too, horses can rouse these abilities in us. Horses need clear and unmistakable signals before they will cooperate with us. They do not react to unclear or uncertain signals.
Because we communicate with the horses through our body language, we release our inner inhibitions and begin to transform them. By transforming our inhibitions, we are already on our way to realizing goals which seemed impossible before.

4. Step:
Love, relationships, respect, dignity


  • Developing the qualities of the heart;
  • Living with respect, dignity and acceptance of what is;
  • Loving yourself and others;
  • Establishing harmonious relations.


93% of interpersonal communication is non-verbal and only 7% verbal. By focusing on the qualities of the heart we can greatly improve our relationships with others. For example, in difficult situations, can exert positive changes. Only if we begin to integrate the intelligence of our heart into our everyday life, can we become richer, happier and more alive.
By directly experiencing, feeling and practicing the energy we possess in our hearts we open ourselves up to the higher energy that surrounds us in our lives.

5. Step:
Communication, creativity


  • Recognizing our own truth and expressing it to the world around us;
  • Recognize the enormous force of a positive form of communication and action;
  • When we are in sync with the wisdom of our own body we can understand its messages


Communication is not just about gaining information it is also about listening and the ability to “empathize” with who or what is being communicated, in order to truly inform ourselves.
Communication also means knowing the truth about ourselves and being able to communicate it clearly and confidently to others.
With special exercises every participant focuses on discovering their own truth and being able to communicate it in their everyday life.

6. Step:


  • developing intuition;
  • recognizing our inner voice, and following it;
  • recognizing and living up to our own potentials, abilities and possibilities;
  • developing the ability to see what we cannot see, with our "third eye";


Intuition is more than just our brain‘s ability to understand. It involves an intelligence of the body and heart. In this part of the seminar we focus on harnessing our intuition and listening so that we can benefit from its energy in our everyday life.

7. Step:


Horses have assumed a special significance in today’s world, because they represent a counterweight to our stressful and chaotic lifestyle. They live in only in this dimension, that is in the present reality and in this way they root us in the here and now. Horses are highly sensitive animals and have managed to survive due to the fact that they have developed the ability to live in harmony with nature.

They help us to regain access to nature. In their presence we feel once more present and alive, because they help us to emerge from the hypnosis of our constant mental activity. In this way, we can find ourselves. Herein lies the tremendous therapeutic value of this course because the participant learns and their energy is immediately transformed​ through their experience with horses​.

This is a new way to experience “healing" in the sense of becoming "complete". During the training, the participant will learn everything needed on a theoretical and practical level so that each therapist is able to integrate work with the horses in their .


8. Step:
Test and certification


The 8th step is an examination and certification of the course work. Following this each participant will receive all of the necessary materials to enable them to pursue this form of therapy. This includes official academic certification and technical qualifications.

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