Raidho Riding Instruction


How do the Raidho

methods differ to

traditional riding lessons?

​Raidho is a playful method of approach free from fear and stress, so learning how to ride is always a motivating experience.

The riding lessons are so structured so that first of all the fundamental communication is explained (expressed) between horse and riding pupil. This special communication allows the riding pupil to immediately create a bond of trust with the horse.

In addition, in this early stage all emotions can be recognized as for example fear, insecurity, unwillingness etc and be overturned. This kind of the learning includes a focus on personality formation, attention, calmness, centeredness and presence in the Here and Now.

These main points mean learning how to ride becomes a school of life in which the horse stands at the center as the teacher.

1. The horses language


How do horses communicate together and how can we communicate with horses so that they not only understand us, but that we can construct a trusting relationship with them?

How do I communicate the language of the horse to my riding pupils?
How do I guide pupils in riding lessons free from fear?
How do I communicate control of body language through exercises around the horse-paddock.

2. Ground work


The elementary positions: stallion's position, leading mare position and foaling position.

The foundations stones of the ground work which are necessary to allow the pupil to find themselves and access the horse free from fear and stress.

3. Energetic riding


From experiencing their own energy and sensing the horse’s energy pupils discover a new way of riding, based on telepathic communication.

4. Structure of the riding courses


How can I structure riding lessons, so that the riding student learns to ride without fear. How do I teach the Raidho-riding method.

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Vom 24.05 - 25.05.2017 Einfuehrungskurs Level 1
300,00 €
Vom 13.06 - 16.06.2017 Level 1 und 2
600,00 €
Vom 02.10 - 05.10.2017 Level 1 und 2
600,00 €