Raidho stands for the creative development of our personality through interaction with horses.

Raidho also stands for movement, growth, being with the horse, journeying,

harnessing energy, healing, all aided by our interaction with horses.

Our goal is to help people garner greater self-confidence and self-awareness and to recognize their full potential through their exposure to and interaction with horses.
On this inner journey the horse acts as the “teacher”, in its non-verbal communication of emotions and sensations to the rider.

Through our interaction with horses we can get to know our inner innermost being, what we often bury under outside influences and the socially imposed roles of everyday life.

Horses are hyper- sensitive to body language and can immediately detect even the slightest insecurity in people. Horses reflect our behavior in an immediate and direct way, thus teaching us to be more self-aware and confident.

Horses speak the language of emotions and help us to understand the language of our soul. The soul expresses itself through emotions.
Each emotion carries with it a message that is meant to convey something.

WE HARNESS ENERGY from living in direct contact with horses and allowing ourselves to feel their energy.

BEING with horses involves various activities, from riding to playful interaction with the horse, but allowing the horse to lead us and teach us. Being with the horse in this light and playful manner can teach us so much more than words.