Human-horse relationship

Healing Horses for a harmonious human-horse relationship

  • A method born from experience to gift experiences;
  • A method born from firsthand knowledge;
  • It responds to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of participants;
  • A method of garnering greater self-awareness that brings healing;
  • The horse functions as a mirror of the soul and stands as a synonym for life;


Healing Horses is a course that allows participants to establish a harmonious human-horse relationship.

  • Because the participant experiences "healing" through establishing a connection with the horse at a practical and spiritual level, to the point of being in harmony with the horse and thus with their inner self.
  • In order to reach this goal the participant must work on, refine, their character;
  • The connection with the horse "can heal";
  • It is a way of the becoming whole, for the purposes of "healing";
  • During the course the participant is "at the center of the attention ", so that they can put into practice what they have learned afterwards;
  • The education takes place on the ground;

1. A relationship based on respect, trust and dignity


In this first seminar you learn to recognize your own individual space and that of the horse.

  • A harmonious relationship that is based on respect, trust and dignity;
  • Recognizing and respecting your own individual space as well as that of others;
  • How to build respect and trust in the relationship between man and horse with aimed methods of approach;
  • Recognizing and giving space to your horse so that the horse can develop its special abilities;
  • You will learn to win over your horses trust by being clear, consistent and sweet in your behavior. In this way, the horse will voluntarily seek your company;

2. Step:
Feelings, important messengers



The second level focuses on emotions

  • Emotions have a key role in the relationship with the horse, we must recognize and understand them in order to communicate with them;
  • Learning to read the emotions of the horse;
  • Learning to use the wisdom of your body in order to receive emotional messages from the horse;
  • Learning to use the power of intuition;
  • Learning to move with the flow of the horse and experiencing light and playful interaction;
  • Experiencing the power of pause, in which nothing seems to happen, but in reality a lot does,
  • An exchange of souls between man and horse;
  • Learning the "neutral position" with which you can communicate to the horse: good - you did well!;
  • Learning the language of the horse which is a "non-verbal” communication;
  • Learning the rules of the herd, which allow you to communicate at a distance that seems magic;

3. Step:
Lucidity, gentleness, consistency


  • We will learn how to build a communication based on clarity, kindness and consistency without recourse to harsh treatment;
  • How to use the power of decision in the relationship between man and horse. The horse instinctively reacts to our decisions and intentions;
  • Consistency: our actions must be consistent with our thoughts, our will and our feelings. The action is a result from them. It is not enough to have an idea of our relationship with the horse, we also need the "right" energy to put this idea into practice. From the Vision to Realization;
  • Recognize energy blocks and transforming them. Only when we can consciously recognize them can we transform them;
  • Transforming our weaknesses into our strengths;

4. Step:
Cooperation, respect, dignity


  • Developing qualities of the heart;
  • Living with respect, attention, dignity and acceptance;
  • Developing love for ourselves and our horse;
  • Harmonious cooperation comes from the heart;
  • Training the horse through the power of the mind and with love;

5. Step:
Communication, creativity


  • Recognizing our own truth expressing it to the world;
  • Recognizing the enormous force of a positive style of communication and practicing it with the horse;
  • Being in touch with our body and emotions, understanding what they tell us about ourselves;
  • Learning the "grammar" and "vocabulary" of non-verbal communication prove so we can communicate fluently with our horse;

6. Step:


  • developing intuition;
  • recognizing our inner voice, and following it;
  • recognizing and living up to our own potentials, abilities and possibilities;
  • developing the ability to see what we cannot see, with our "third eye";
  • the deeper your relationship with your horse becomes the easier it is to almost telepathically communicate with it;

7. Step:


Allowing the horses guide us in living consciously in the Here and Now.

  • They experience your thoughts as strongly and powerfully as you do and this is why it is important to be controlled;
  • They live much more consciously in the here and now;
  • The connection becomes experience - you form a single entity with your horse;

8. Step:
Test and certification


Those who so wish can undergo an examination of course work and receive a Raidho certificate.

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